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Ceridian wants complete session notes plus proof of citizenship

Panel providers for Ceridian, one of the country’s largest EAP companies, received an email from the company on December 7 asking them to prove their U.S. citizenship--by sending a copy of their passport or birth certificate. Ceridian has contracted out the verification of these documents to a company called Accurate Background, Inc., based in Lake Forest, CA.

In addition, in a contract amendment sent out by the company in early December, clinicians have been informed that beginning January 3, 2011, they’ll be expected to go online and enter each patient’s “completed Session Note” (sic) within three business days of each therapy session.

If they fail to submit session notes, the amendment reads, providers “may be required to go through additional training.” Moreover: “If Affiliate continues to fail to submit Session Notes within three (3) days of each session, Ceridian reserves the right to take additional action including withholding payment.”

Ceridian had not yet responded to our inquiries as we went to press. But the cover letter attached to the contract amendment explains that these provisions have come about as the result of new Department of Defense (DOD) contracts that Ceridian has taken on. The Military One Source program is cited specifically.

Nevertheless, the letter goes on, “the terms of the agreement apply to all Ceridian referrals for service.”

We’ll be following up on this--but in the meantime, if you’d like to see the cover letter and complete contract amendment, see the “Reader Services” section of our website:


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