Congress, White House agree on one-year fix on scheduled fee cut

Physicians, mental health professionals, and other Medicare providers feared gridlock in Washington given the impending change in leadership in the House of Representatives. But Congressional leaders have managed to iron out a year-long agreement, avoiding a reimbursement cut that could have lopped off as much as 29.5% of treatment fees.

The fee cut is on the table every year, but is always averted by Congress at the eleventh hour. It looked to be a bigger threat in the year gone by because the fix for 2010 wasn’t finalized until June, after which payments were updated retroactively.

That fix was only good through December 1 of 2010, and provider advocates worried that the lame duck Congress would leave it for the new leadership to grapple with. Instead, the new fix passed, and will run through 2011.

“That’s the good news,” says Laura Groshong, director of government relations for the Clinical Social Work Association (CWA). “We do need to have a permanent change for this problem, but this is better than going month-to-month, as we were.”

There’s still a fly in the ointment, however. Medicare officials announced that they will be updating their provider list and will require all eligible providers–psychiatrists, psychologists, and CSWs–to re-enroll.

“They’re trying to get a cleaner system,” explains Groshong. “Some of the people on their rolls weren’t actually providing services anymore. And they want people to move to electronic claims.”

The original deadline to reapply was in January of 2011, Groshong says, but it looks like that will be extended again.

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Standards of modern prep books

Exam prep books in this day and age are on the rise in terms of their quality. Whilst it would make sense that this would mean more copies would be sold, due to people choosing paid over free resources since the paid ones are so much better, this has not actually been the case. The rise of technology and therefore the introduction of online courses that you just access from your browser, have taken a lot of the sales that prep books would otherwise have gotten. But that said in some exams they do not have online courses and that means you have prep books to use for study whether you like it or not. This is as far as I know the case for the CPA exam where only prep books are available. There are lots of CPA exam study guides and these are the things you should be looking to use for your own studies. There is also an abundance of CPA books and in truth the Rogers CPA Review is in written format, but still online courses tend to sell better in this exam niche. Whatever you do, just choose a resource and study hard and you will do okay.

Do you need ibogaine treatment?

There has been a lot of questions circulating about just how necessary ibogaine treatment is. I would like to clear up this debate once and for all so that everyone knows what the deal is. Basically there are people who doubt just how well ibogaine treatment actually works. Well actually it works really well. It is one of those treatments that you need to keep doing over and over again and in time you then start to see really worthwhile results. But if you are looking for this treatment to work and solve all your problems in just one single session, then I am afraid that your expectations are a little bit unrealistic and unfair. You have to repeat the process and just trust that it will work out after several sessions. Just one treatment is never going to be enough, not from any of the ibogaine clinics that are around. And this is much the same with almost all treatments for almost anything. The improvement process takes time and you just have to give it that time and be patient. This is something I often struggled with previously but these days I just accept that progress is gradual and that makes things easier.

Will the USMLE exam be your downfall?

The question that should be on your mind is, will the USMLE exam be one that you thrive in, or will it end up being your downfall in career terms? Of course if it was your downfall that would mean you would have failed it, but I do not anticipate this happening – at least not with the help I can offer you anyway. So the help I can give you is just some simple and sensible advice on how to take on this exam. You should get the right USMLE step 2 prep and make sure that you use it every day. This is the crucial thing – just studying daily instead of once in a while – which really is not good enough. There is another website I want to show you also and it is here

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Getting NCLEX advantages

If you want an advantage over the competition on the NCLEX exam then you need to do a couple of things right to make this happen. It really is an simple as being intelligent in the way you choose to study, and carefully selecting the materials that you use to study. I can often tell how a student will do on their exam by the study materials that they choose. Like if they get good review guides for NCLEX then they are totally away and in the clear to pass, but only if they put plenty of hours into learning from their review guide. Some students seek advice from online about how to study and what to use, I guess a bit like you are doing right now. This too is smart and if you wish to continue to learn more tips then just go to – because I can promise you that you are in for a treat with all the great information available at that site. It’s a truly top site which was made by an industry professional and I just know that you will be impressed by the info available there. That is all I have to say for this post – good luck!

Pushing for a CPA pass

You will of course wish to be pushing for a CPA pass as much as you can, and this is sure to happen if you study in a smart way. And actually studying in a smart way is not as complicated as a lot of people would lead you to believe. I mean it would be as complicated as people will lead you to believe if you just tried to study from free resources, but I know that you have got the brain to realize that such resources are of a poor quality and will not be helpful to you – at least not enough to get an exam pass anyway. And look, if you are struggling for money a bit, then just get a wiley CPA discount code and buy that course at the discounted rate. It is one of the better courses available at the current time so there is no reason not to just go for this. If you have a bit of money to spare for this study resource then you could instead invest in CPA excel which is also a great course and in my personal opinion the best one available of the current bunch this year.