Commercial property solicitors

With the commercial and residential property market, within the UK, returning to levels achieved prior to the financial crisis of 2008, commercial property solicitors are quickly becoming an important partner within the property investment community. Every investment product carries with it risk, and finding a consultant who is qualified and experienced to protect you and your investment is essential. Commercial investments carry with it several unique conditions that differ from residential property investment, understanding your requirements is difficult, which is why you need to partner with of a commercial and residential property law professional.

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What is property law?

Property law covers all matters relating to your investment in commercial and residential property. The legalities relating to taxation, funding, management, including foreign investment, are all considered. Your responsibilities as a landlord, and those of your tenant, including guidance for conflict resolution are covered as well. The law also provides consideration for contracts, transfer of title and covenants, and issues regarding the use of the premises.

Why is commercial and residential property law in place?

Commercial and residential property law is in place to protect you as the investor, as well as any potential tenant you may enter a commercial arrangement with. Landlord issues with commercial property can be extremely varied and complicated and any conflict that may occur because of a commercial arrangement, will need to be handled by persons commensurate with the applicable property law. Commercial property investing also has its own unique challenges that are outside the scope of traditional residential property investment, so a section of law has been created to address the issue related to commercial property investment.

Who does commercial and residential property law cover?

The laws applicable to commercial property, within the UK, cover both the landlord and the tenant. The UK Landlords and Tenants act 1954, provides guidance as to the responsibilities of each party committed to a commercial arrangement. Property law also covers transfer of title, the presence of covenants as well as laws relating to ownership.

Succeeding as a property investor, either commercial or residential, is possible if you protect yourself and minimise your risk. Positioning yourself to take advantage of the potential returns, available as a commercial investor, shouldn't be considered unattainable. Partnering with qualified professionals who understand the law and the risks associated with investing in this type of market should be your first port of call. Commercial property solicitors are there to help and be the partner you need to minimise your risk while at the same time maximising your returns.